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As an avid outdoorsman, Wilson Reynolds has spent the majority of his 63 years hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, and exploring the great outdoors.  For more than thirty years, he's been fortunate enough to traverse the wild and remote places of North America, serving as both guide and outfitter.  His vast experience helped him hone a great respect and knowledge of the creatures he pursues and the environments in which they live, as well as a true appreciation of nature's delicate balance.


Over the years, Wilson has consulted to a variety of agencies and government officials.  Overlooking any partisan or special interest views, he has always attempted to present the facts as they are, regardless of who was asking the questions.  Having spent more time afield than most men do in a lifetime, he has been privileged to test outdoor gear for numerous manufacturers.  Again, he's never promoted a product simply because it was produced by a sponsor or friend.


Believing the outdoors has provided him with a life he is both blessed and  privileged to live, Wilson gives back whenever possible.  He is a diamond life member of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), a life member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a life member of Buckmasters, a life member of the Foundation of North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS), a bronze sponsor of Ducks Unlimited (DU), a life member of the Federation of Fly Fisherman (FFF), and a life member of Trout Unlimited (TU).  He is a major contributor to numerous other world, national, and local conservation organizations and donates hunts, charters, vacations, art, and time to these various causes.


Stewardship of the forests, marshlands, and fields he owns and leases is of the utmost importance.  He regularly enhances his property for wildlife.....all wildlife, not just the game species residing there.  Nesting sites and structures and numerous food plots are added each year.


Wilson's wildlife photographs have graced many publications, calendars, and websites, as well as educational arenas, visitor centers, and schools.  Additionally, by regularly speaking to schools and civic groups, he attempts to give a voice to proper and sound wildlife management, helping to protect the heritage of our outdoor sports